Duplicated students on a roster after link to repository


 It is the first time I use GitHub Classroom environment. I created a roster in my classroom, manually using the students' institutional e-mails. When the students accepted the assignment their entries in the roster appears repeated even 8 times !! 

  Does anyone know what is going on? Did I do something wrong?

Thank you.

Best Regards,

Antonio Apolinario.

The students initially have a GitHub account and the roster you created is not automatically associated with their GitHub accounts. When they accept an assignment, they choose which roster entry is theirs. If they do not link to a roster entry, their GitHub accounts appear under “Unlinked GitHub accounts”. In this way you may see the student more than once. But I wouldn’t expect you to see the same student 8 times.

Thanks for your answer. In other assignments the students choose their ID and no replication occurs. I don’t know why it happens in this assignment specifically. I can see their repositories, but the commits count stay at zero.
I thought I made some mistake, but now I think it is a bug.

Yes, I’m afraid I haven’t encountered the situation that you’re describing and it may be a bug. There have been other issues with assignment creation, so perhaps this is related.