Discontinuation of on-demand and use of the Learning Lab (how do you teach GitHub to students?)


I teach to students who see GitHub for the first time with me. I have been using the on-demand courses in the past because I was able to translate them (into Spanish) and get that published, which was important for my students (as doing it in English would be an added difficulty).

Now I’ve found that those courses are being discontinued and that the use of the Learning Lab is preferred (which is in Enligsh only and I have not yet found how to contribute a translation). This is a drawback for me as I was relying on the previously translated courses as a resource for my classes.

I am trying to find out on the best way to proceed with the on-demand/Labs dev team, but in the meanwhile… how do you teach GitHub to your students? Is there any resource that you use, that I could translate into Spanish and use myself, that I could rely on? I really would not like to have to prepare or translate a brand new “Learn Git/GitHub” course each year…