Didn’t receive Campus expert application status

I applied for GitHub campus expert program 2022. But I didnt recieved any email about application status(first round status),today (14/03/2022)was the date for receiving confirmation mail.

i haven’t got it either

same issue here

Hi @arshadmuhd
It could’ve been because of timezones. But if it has not been delivered yet check your spam, if is not in spam then you could contact github support but you could also just wait.

Yes i continuesly checking my spam mail also but still it not yet

How can i contact github support?

Bro I’m facing the same problem. Have you managed to resolve it.

Hi @arshadmuhd,
Have you got any updates about the application status?
When I submitted the application, I received an email that informed me, the application I submitted, has submitted successfully. within that received email there was mentioned that, to have new updates about the application status we can follow GitHub Education on Twitter.
I was following GitHub Education on Twitter for new updates about the program but I still didn’t get any.

Yes I received my application status.You just send mail to GitHub support. With your GitHub username.after 24hrs later they will reply to your mail. All the best : )

Please how did you contact GitHub support?


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