Details about GitHub Campus Expert Program

Hello, So I applied for Github Campus Expert program twice and sadly I was rejected both times. I would like a community member to response here or someone who has knowledge regarding Campus Expert Program.
So there is no Campus Expert from my university, even my whole country has just one campus expert who will be deprecated this month or the next (He has been Graduated). I was searching the forum and I found a post where someone said that I need to have an email with .edu domain else my application will be rejected every time I apply (Is there any way to take campus expert training after rejection?)

I would like to know more about it.

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:wave: Hi @eKhattak! We have responded to your email regarding your questions.

To clarify you do not need a .edu email. Students only need the GitHub student developer pack to apply.

#how to apply github GitHub Campus Advisors post?
what is step?

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