Delays in adding .github folder and badge to student repo

Hi all,

I have an assignment template that uses integration and python autograding. Sometimes, it works wonderfully, like this one. Other times, I’ve noticed that there is a long (2-3 hour) delay from the time the repository is created and to when the following are added to it: (1) the badge to launch, (2) the .github folder to launch autograding, and (3) the pull request. You can see an example in the commit log in this repo, where there is a two hour delay from when the repo was first created and when these files were added.

Is this delay expected? Is there anything I can do to shorten it?

I’ve also noticed that these late commits seem to happen on the hour. Is there some cron job that is running all these hourly as opposed to on-demand?


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GitHub support confirmed this is a known issue and is being addressed. In the meantime, I’ve noticed that if I edit the assignment from Classroom (e.g., change something in the unit test configuration), this often fixes the problem – all the student repositories are nearly instantly updated with new commits containing the replit badge, .github folder, and pull request.