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Hey guys !
I like astronomy but recently I am more interested into deep learning and been doing some projects for classification problems.
I am finding a way to combine astronomy and deep learning.

that’s a very good idea @souravs17031999

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Hi there! There are lots of machine learning/astronomy project ideas online. Here is a Quora answer to a question similar to yours, with a couple of interesting ideas. There are lots of astronomy data sets available online (e.g. here is a collection of a few on Kaggle), so in theory you could take any of them and try and craft your own project, although Kaggle has lots of projects built in.

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Well there is plenty of data available. I would recommend something simple that is not open to interpretation.

For example a binary classification of exoplanets based on their characteristics into rocky/gaseous. Datasets are pretty small for this case, and thus easy to check for inconsistencies. There are numerous variables so you can learn some feature selection/synthesis and labels are intuitive.

And you can easily generalize the classifier to wok with more specific categories, like hot jupiter or super-earth.

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