Deadline field format?

During creation of an assignment there is a field labeled “Deadline”. There are no hints given of any kind what is expected for this field. How do I express this? Is it a delta from now, like “in one week?” Do I need to put in a date? In what format? A time? In what format?

Something must be broken since in the recent past by clicking within that field a calendar was showing up to let the user select the deadline date. I’ve just tried out and the calendar seems no longer available.

cc @mozzadrella

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Thanks. I was expecting a calendar widget there, but absent one I had no idea what to do.

I filed a bug report on this:

Thanks. But is there much point? This project feels pretty dead.

Functioning again.

Any place where I can set it to default to a particular time zone, so that I don’t have to think about that each time?

There ain’t any option for that.