Data Science Beginners

Good evening guys! My name is Abel Edugie, a beginner data scientists with Python. Does Github have a place to me, too? It seems all the attention is paid to software developers.


Hey ! I too am a beginner data scientist and new to GitHub. Did you find any project or community for data scientists ?

Hello @Edugie and @yashbansal6,

If you want a place for datascience inside Github, I suggest you to use the keywords : python Notebook with datascience. You will find some interesting tutorial, two of them are very popular :

Some repositories have binder link too, by clicking on it, you’ll will be redirected to a virtual machine so you can work with python without having to install it. :slight_smile:


Thanks. They are great to start with.

Hello Everyone! My name is Rahul, a beginner to learn data science with Python.
Does it help me with my career to become a data scientist?

Yes, it will be helpful if you want to be a developer not a researcher in Data Science because multinational companies use Version Control System i.e GitHub for their different modules/tasks. :innocent:

Visit this website for learning Data Science:


thank you so much…!

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Kaggle is great for datasets. Have used in data science programs with our high school students, to great effect:

I need straight path in data science. How I start working on it.!

I would start by learning pandas and numpy. Jupyter notebook would be a good idea too.

I already have basic knowledge about pandas, numpy and matplotlib