Data plan / LSF

I just got a notification saying “Git LFS has been disabled on the organization AppliedMachineLearning because you’ve exceeded your data plan by at least 150%. Please purchase additional data packs to cover your bandwidth and storage usage:”

I have two questions:

  1. can I find out which repositories are large? Students likely uploaded large data files which they shouldn’t. There are now probably around 400 repositories in this org.

  2. What does this storage limit mean? Can we still push to the organization? This seems a very low limit for a whole course. If a every student in my class commits a 10mb model file, a single assignment would reach the limit.


Hello @amueller.

The GitHub academic discount you’ve received includes support for GitHub Large File Storage (LFS). To add LFS data packs you will need to adjust some settings in your organization account by following instructions from this help article (the article mentions billing but as you go through the process there will be no cost):

The following guide should help with actual usage of GitHub LFS:

If you have further questions about using GitHub LFS please let us know at


Thanks for your reply. This screen looks like I will be charged:
Can you confirm that I wont?

@amueller it’s correct that you won’t be charged.

Should anything go awry, will get you sorted ASAP.

Dear @mozzadrella,
I am reaching the same issue as @amueller, could you please check if i will be charge for buying data packs?

Thank you very much,

The fact that I didn’t add a payment method and was still able to add a Git LFS package should be good indication that we are not being charged. Thanks so much, GitHub Classroom/Education!

I’m assuming this only relates to GitHub Classroom accounts?

I have a repository for medical imaging research analysis software and I was looking into Git LFS to store test/reference data alongside the code. This wouldn’t be covered by a discount would it?

@mozzadrella I remember adding a data pack last semester without any extra cost. Right now, if I don’t add a payment method, the button to add extra data packs appear to be greyed out… is this something that has changed? It seems they want me to add a CC to my account.

Edit: I did a double check and my other org did not have a payment method and I had been able to add a data pack.

Same here - I ‘moved’ to a new institution and re-setup everything and, indeed, my payment method is grayed out and I can’t seem to add. @mozzadrella thoughts?

Ah - when I went in to add a payment method I see:

You have an active coupon. We will only start charging you after your coupon expires on 26 March, 2022 (almost 2 years from now).

Edit: OK, I see maybe what is up - My ‘old’ organization @ skidvision = 100% off forever coupon, my current organization @ ritmps = no coupon, my ‘person’ account @ flipphillips = $4/mo for the next two years. So, for the time being, I’m going to move my LFS repositories to my ‘old’ organization so I don’t keep getting hit / blocked for LFS and, maybe, possibly, at some point, I can get support@ to help,