Cyber security!

I could not find any security related posts so thought of making a topic where we can discuss about the tools and how to get started and you know the basic stuff!

It would be fun if more students will join and would share any basic info they know about security field!



Hello Fenil Shah
Cyber Security is a long term field and required alot of practical works. you can start off with python Ethical Hacking Tools. You can check my Github For Ethical Hacking Using python .

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I agree with Adil, Cybersecurity is integrated by different topics (administrative, technical - red team or blue team, laws, etc), so depending on what your motivation is, we can concentrate on the best topics. I would like to share to you this page, maybe it can help you.

These are my sites, let me know if you have a specific question about my areas:


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Hey Adil :wave: ,
Firstly it is not about you (me).
I agree to your point that it is a long term field and aslo requires practical work!
But what I meant was share your journey with cyber security! how did you get started with ? What was the first thing you did while learning or did after learning, like get started with bug bounty or whatever!

And Thank you Adil for sending me the email about ebooks! :heart:

Hey @urcuqui :wave:,

Thankyou for showing love to this topic and sharing the page! I hope it will help me and everyone too!
I think I might change my question!

Actually what I thought and meant was for this topic was:-
Sharing your personal journey can help to the one who has not yet started yet or want to pursue his career in this field! :slightly_smiling_face:

Cybersecurity is a scorching topic now. It seems to me that my data cannot be completely safe. And this needs to be corrected.

You’re right; cybersecurity is critical today as many people save their private data in cyberspace. There is a great majority of cyber fraud, and one of the most popular is bullying. There is a lot of content on this topic, but I like as it has useful materials. I’ve sued it for my college tasks and can say that it has helped me much time. There should be new technologies that can help to prevent such illegal activities.

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