Creating Same Assignments for repeated classes

Here’s my situation:

If I teach a class on Monday I will create all the assignments for that class from existing repos and share the link with the students. If I teach the same material again for a new group of students on Tuesday, I have to create the assignments again from existing repos. (This is using a model where each class is their own organization). In short, I don’t want to have to recreate the assignment for every class.

Is there any way to reuse assignments from existing classes? Am I using the wrong model? Should I make a feature request?
I would be really nice if I had a template organization that I could reuse for each class.

Please advise. Thank you!

I am not aware of any way to clone an entire organization, unfortunately. You may just have to clone each repo into the new org. Since GH is pushing the education system, though, I would imagine that this functionality is coming eventually.

@Buskcoin, it’s very cool that you’re re-using Classroom for the next iteration of your course.

@SirYancy is correct: you’ll need to fork your course material to a new organization and create new assignments. (Also you’ll want to re-apply for the Educator discount so it applies to your new organization).

Please do create a feature request for clone Classroom (or copy Classroom) by opening an issue here:

This might solve the problem:

  1. create a group assignment called “cohort” or “self introduction”
  2. use two separate accounts (e.g. ask your TAs) to accept the group assignment and create two teams for each cohort upfront
  3. ask the students to only join their assigned cohort. This way students are automatically enrolled in their corresponding teams–under the same organization.
  4. Students can join individual assignments as usual. You just have to use teams to manage them.