Creating Organizations with Private Repos

I am trying to set up a separate organization for each of my courses in GitHub Classroom. Even though I (and my school) have applied and been approved for GitHub Education I am only able to create organizations with public repos. I found a few other posts on this topic which give a link to this page - - and say that you should just be able to click ‘upgrade’ next to the organization names. However, I get a page that that says I need to apply for benefits and submit either a photo of my staff ID or an employment verification letter. Haven’t I already done this? Do I have to apply again? Is there something I am missing?


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You might have to do the following:

Thank you so much for the quick response!

There is no login option on that particular page. I am currently logged into both GitHub and GitHub classroom on separate tabs but that seems to make no difference.

Try this:

I’m still getting the same page following those steps. When I click ‘Get Teacher Benefits’ it asks for employment verification.

Thanks again.

Uhm… as a test I logged out from GitHub and clicked on Get Benefits. Then, the system asked me to log in again to access GitHub Education and my benefits were there.

So… are you sure you’ve gone through all the steps required to get the approval? I’d suggest you to click on Get teachers benefits and see what’s next.

As a side note, yes I had to provide GitHub with my employment verification to receive the benefits.

I thought this was already verified when I originally applied for GitHub Education and completed the training. Guess I will have to do it again.

Thank you!

Don’t know what time span you’re referring to, but we need to get the approval every once in a while, since it expires after a couple of years or so.

Hi all,

I’m still new to using GitHub Education. I teach computing science to students at the University of Aberdeen in Scotland.

I’m trying to set up a private repo for students to use in an assignment, but find that I need to resupply my staff ID photo again. That’s fine, if I do it from home - as it hangs on upload when at work - and this time it asks me to provide a new photo as that one was already used. So, am I to take a new photo of my staff ID card and use that? Wouldn’t it be easier for us to be given a time-limited session - a term at least if not a year - within which we can create/modify our classrooms and not have to keep re-validating our employment?

Am I missing something here perhaps? This seems cumbersome and a pain to do everytime.


@scharlau I would suggest that you contact GitHub support as I think your verification didn’t go through correctly. Normally, you don’t have to supply this kind of information so often.

Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll do that. Much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face:

thank you :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m having a similar problem. I have previously use Github Classroom and been approved for 2 organization (representing 2 classrooms). A few of my students are working on an independent project and I started my just creating an organization. I have applied and been approved for Github Education “status” but I can’t seem to upgrade the organization.

Hey! I’m pushing up new docs today, our instructions are a little out of date. You can now upgrade your orgs here:


Thanks so much!