Creating issues in github classrooms

(Buskcoin) #1

Hello all,

This is sort of a feature request and I am curious what the community’s thoughts are.
From my experience, the way github is used in the real world often involves issues being created and, in turn, programmers responding to the issues and making pull request.

I would like to simulate the same scenarios for my classes. I think it would be great to get them in the habit of using github’s issues system to add features to a simple program. For example, I could have an incomplete program with several small issues attached to it and have the students take up issues and complete the assignment collaboratively.

Currently, I would have to recreate the issues on the repository every time I have the students accept the Github Classroom assignment because issues are not copied over. What I would really love to have is the ability to tag issues for a repository that I want the students to receive in their sandbox copy of the repository. This is the feature that I would like to have.

Hopefully that makes sense. I wanted to propose the idea here before I made a feature request on the actual github classroom repository to see if anyone else thinks it’s worth it.

(Joel Ross) #2

Just wanted to chime in that I love this idea. I don’t do a lot of issue stuff when teaching, but this does sound like a really useful feature.