Creating a repository with Classroom link fails

Hi, many students have the issue that creating / copying the classroom repo with the classroom link stalls and no repository is created. Is there a way to recover? (Besides deleting empty created repos, which does not always help.) Kind regards, Thomas

Hey Thomas. This happened to me a couple of times too. This is a documented issue that should have been resolved, but I guess there are still some cases that come up here and there.

Anyway, the only method I thought of handling the issue is either cancel the operation then import the repo, or cancel the operation and manually clone, add, commit, push your starter code.

Both require a student repository. So far I’ve seen that as long as students accept the assignment, you can browse to their repo and cancel it then do what I said above.

Here’s a link to the issue on GitHub, the method I mentioned, and others’ comments on the GitHub issue (

Hope it helps!

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Here is what I’ve shared with my students that seems to provide some relief…

If gitHub accept is not completing for a long time (like more than an hour or so), try the following:

  1. Go to the GitHub web-page, and click on the started import of the assignment in question.
  2. When prompted, choose CANCEL (not restart)
  3. Then go back to the invitation, and restart the accept process.