Create book with Python code and Tikz diagrams

I am attempting to use Git to generate a book with TensorFlow Code, normal text and Tikz diagrams.
I may need Latex formulas but it is a normal text book on Tensorflow Python code.

What is a way to use github to generate it ? I want page numbers, bibliography etc. like any other book.


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Thank you for your interesting questions, I would like to recommend, please identify a possible Database (LDBMS) such as Author first Name, Last Name, publication years, also library information as well as SNBN that can help you to cite a better work to do a book.

I don’t follow you. Do you mean that bibliography contents are extracted from some database ? I was looking for some advice on the toolset or procedure that can use the code in Git to generate a book.

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I understand your concern please have a look this video to help you.

Thanks. I am familiar with GitBook.
The toolset that I am after is different. So I have normal text, Tex diagrams and Python code. How do I pull this and generate a PDF book ? Can Gitbook use Pandoc etc. internally and generate this book ? Is that what you mean ?

I am not writing a book using Git book. I just need the toolset in Git to generate it.
It is like Alexander’s solution here - GitHub + Latex for collaborative writing - #6 by davemurphy

I thought I don’t need .tex files for everything. Only for some.


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