COVID-19 data Italy GitHub platform

A computer project that monitors the Coronavirus emergency in Italy by creating a Covid-19 repository on the GitHub Platform, containing the open source code inside.
To inform citizens and make available the collected data, the Department Civil Protection has developed a geographical dashboard, OpenData Desktop version, OpenData Mobile version, making available, with CC-BY-4.0 license, the information updated daily and, the possibility to consult two graphs; the first traces the national COVID-19 trend while the second draws the daily increase in the current positive.

Within the GitHub repository there are a series of fields with specific functions:

  • National Trend Data
  • Geographical areas
  • Provinces data
  • Regions data
  • Json data
  • Summary sheets (Regions and Provinces)

The Regions data file consists of a table that collects a series of information useful for keeping the current situation of the infected people up to date (information date, home isolation, currently positive, discharged healed, deceased, total cases, swabs).

The Provincial Data Directory has a series of fields (date of information, region code, region name, province code, province name, province abbreviation, latitude, longitude and total of positive cases).

The National Trend Directory consists of a series of fields designed to trace a series of fundamental data (information date, reference status, hospitalized with symptoms, intensive care, total hospitalized, home isolation, total currently positive, new currently positive, discharged healed, deceased, total cases and tampons).