Couldn't signup for student developer pack

I’m from the University of North Bengal. Our university doesn’t provide an email ID to all students. In that case, how can I signup for the student developer pack?

You have to prove.
Show University ID card , Transcript and any other document.

Yes, I can show university ID card. but I didn’t see any section where I can upload my ID card’s photo.

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Whenever I select the University name from the list the upload photo option gone and it required only University verified email ID. But our university doesn’t provide email ID to all students. They only provide an email ID to a scholar or

When you enter your university name.
This screen is pop-up.

Not “The University of North Bengal”. It is “University of North Bengal”. try it. when you select the name from the list, the upload image option will not be shown. Then it only required the email ID. there are no other options.

I do not very much about it…!
This means your university provide email.
You can only use University email.

Is there anyone who can solve the issue?

can you help me i cannot upload my image i only have the take a picture option last day i tried it was there but itsnt

As i am gone through this so i can help you.Take your photo with your laptop/mobile with an valid id or the document you choose.Both your photo and ID must be visible in the photo. In this way I got verified by 1 or 2 hour.
Tips-If you are doing this from mobile which I did try to capture the photo with back camera.

Back-camera not working only front is working. What you have done to click with back camera?

First I tell you I tryed same procedure on two different mobile. I also face the same issue regarding back and front camera. In my mobile(Galaxy M21) I can’t flip the camera and the photo that is coming from the front is shakey and not clear. Then when I tryed it on another mobile(Poco m2 pro) I can flip the camera . Somhow i captured a photo by back camera which is not parfect but the id card and my face are visible . Hopes it helps.