Confusion setting up free Organization for Classroom use

So I seem to have a “Pro” GitHub account (as approved for educator), allowing me to create unlimited private repos under my own GitHub username.

In order to use GitHub Classroom and create assignments there, I need to create an Organization (to represent the course). However, the Organization I make ends up being “free” version without the ability to create private repos.

Am I missing something? Since my personal GitHub account is academic version, can’t I create academic “Organizations” to tie them to GitHub Classroom?

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I’m in the same situation.
Previously, I could go to this page to find a list of all my organizations and I could upgrade them myself so as to have unlimited private repositories.
However, that page has recently (in the last two months) been replaced by a simple list of links to tools (teacher toolbox, classroom, campus advisors and this place). I have clicked around trying to find the upgrade-your-organizations page, but to no avail.

Hi @fvogels @nasuoa,

Sorry for the confusion here! Our process recently changed, you can see our updated help doc for the new process to upgrade organizations:

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Thanks heaps Nathaniel, that really clarifies it all and now I’ve got private repos for the course! Awesome!

Thank you for your help. I’ll definitely update my bookmark.

Presently, I have one organization that is set up to have github classroom.
I would like to have several organizations, each of them with Github classroom feature.
It seems that Github is discouraging that now…
I still need it.
How do I request that several additional organizations of mine get github classrooms?