Confused about the roster

I’m scoping out classroom to possibly use for an upcoming class. I created a test roster of a few students, then created an assignment. I then get handed a link which says “copy invitation link”. You mean to send to the list of students that I just created? What was the point of the roster if not to make batch operations on that list convenient for things like sending out assignments? Did I miss something about how to send the link to the students in the roster?

I have a similar question. I am also investigating using classroom for a fall course. If I do create a roster then what things are automatically done in terms of students being notified and what things are manual? I’m asking because I am not sure I will be using this and don’t want students notified until I am sure.

You’ll need to send/share the link with the students you want to join the Classroom.

Upon joining they’ll be able to select their credentials from the roster information you’ve entered. By doing this they link their GitHub account (which in my case always varies a lot from their real names) to the roster. This will enable you to view the information useful to you (in the roster) alongside their actual Github account.

Every assignment created will have their own unique link that can be shared with the student on the moment you want them to join. This way you’re able to create a whole semester/year of assignments and only have students enter them when you want them to.

Have a try yourself by following one of your links, and you’ll be able to link your own account to a student in the roster (no worries, you can easily unlink/remove yourself again via your admin powers ;))