Configuring a remote

I have many commits do it in repo, but today i do some change and commit that … all good here …

The problem comes when i Push that change and chow me that message " Cannot connect to the remote repository at{myUser}/{MyRepo}.git".

I don´t have changes in git configuration before this i can push it everything, but now … no… please i don´t know what i can do, to solve it.


Hi there !
Sounds like your remote is incorrect. You should set it again.
Navigate to your repo on and copy the clone link, for instance in your case :{repo}.git
Then navigate to your local repo using the command line, and enter git remote set-url origin {link_you_copied}
That should do the trick ! Try pushing again afterwards to make sure everything works.


yes! agree with @Vertmo

And also you can verify that the remote URL has changed or not, using

git remote -v


Thanks! :raised_hands:

thanks, for help.

The problem i think, was the IDE netbeans but whent i push my changes from console the the PUSH is do it.

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