Completed the training? Apply for certification here

(Brian Crites) #21

@mozzadrella @ccannon94 I had my interview a few weeks ago and haven’t received my certificate yet (at least as far as I know). Just wondering how long before I should expect to receive it?

(Jared Rigby) #22

Hi @mozzadrella and @ccannon94,

Happy new year!

I appreciate that you are both very busy catching up with the post-xmas admin pile, but would you be able to provide an update for when the batch of application reviews are due to take place?

Many thanks,


(Chris Cannon) #23

Hi @jazibobs! Application reviews will be picking back up this week! Thanks for your patience

(Christophe Troestler) #24

@mozzadrella @ccannon94 Could you provide some clarifications about what “You hereby grant GitHub a non-exclusive, irrevocable, perpetual, royalty-free, worldwide license to make, have made, use, offer to sell, sell, import, copy, modify, create derivative works based upon, distribute, sublicense, display, perform and transmit any work product you create in connection with the Program, including, without limitation, concepts, works, inventions, information, drawings, designs, programs, or software.” entails (emphasis mine)? Does it pertains to the code pushed on Github or also to, say, the questions that the students answer by writing code, or a program that I could make to fetch students repositories and automatically correct them?

(SCDay) #25

I would just like to thank the team for creating such great content! I happen to be lucky enough to have @ccannon94 on my campus and met with him prior to the completion of my training. Thank you @ccannon94 for encouraging me to use github in the classroom and to complete this training!

(Jared Rigby) #26

Hi @ccannon94,

I hope things are going well at your end. Would it be possible to receive an update about the final completion steps?



(Guido) #27

@mozzadrella and @ccannon94

(Waleed El-Badry) #28

It has been a month now since I submitted the application with complete training answers. Is it possible to get an ETA of receiving my certificate ? Thanks @mozzadrella

(SCDay) #29

I’m just following up! I haven’t heard anything and would like to know when I might receive my certificate. @mozzadrella

(Guido) #30

@mozzadrella and @ccannon94

(Christophe Troestler) #31

@mozzadrella @ccannon94 Gentle reminder of that 1.5 months old question…

(Mayur Patil (मयूर पाटील)) #32

No @adventuroussrv, you need to apply for Github Campus experts. It has much more exciting contents from student point of view.

(SCDay) #33

Has anyone heard anything about their certification/certificate? It’s been a little over a month for me. Just wondering how long it typically takes.


(John Simonsen) #34

I applied in December and haven’t heard anything yet.

(SCDay) #35

Thank you for responding. I guess I’ll be patient as you’ve waited much longer than I have.

(Waleed El-Badry) #36

Did anyone get the certificate for a month or so?

(Alexander Babich) #37

I will wait for a message…

Thank you for this training!

(Waleed El-Badry) #38

I am not aware of what happens, but apparently no one reported reception of his/her certificate since December. I got a response from GitHub that the person in charge of certificates is on medical leave.