Completed the training? Apply for certification here

(Vanessa) #1

How do I get certified as a Campus Advisor? :ballot_box_with_check: :compass: :sparkles:

Today we’re opening up the certification process. Once you’ve completed the training, apply to become a Campus Advisor.

What is the process to get certified?

  1. If you have not already, complete the Campus Advisor Training
  2. Complete the application.
  3. We will schedule you for an interview :slight_smile:
  4. Upon acceptance, I will send you a signed certificate with the detail that 10 hours of training has been completed.

If you are completing the Campus Advisor training as part of the GitHub Education program, you’ll need to complete the certification process.

Apply to become a Campus Advisor

Module 0: Start here
(Theportablegeek) #2

Thank you for this @mozzadrella and @ccannon94 :grin: I know this took your team alot of work but know that we all really appreacite the opportunity :+1:

(Sourav Das) #3

Can students apply for Campus Advisor @mozzadrella ?

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(Chris Cannon) #4

Hi @adventuroussrv! The advisors program is only for teachers. GitHub has a program just for students called campus experts, you should check that out!

(Max Hudnell) #5

Is there a long wait list for this? just wondering the expected wait time to hear back, i submitted this form a few weeks ago but haven’t heard anything

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(Chris Cannon) #6

Hi @mhudnell! Sorry for the long wait, I am clearing the queue this weekend, you should be hearing from me soon.

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(Ben Holland) #7

Just a little feedback. I came to this page from an email, saw the application and was curious what it was so I started the google docs form for the application to find that I needed to complete the exercises as part of the application. You should link to this or give a little more upfront information of what needs to be done to apply before applying for the campus advisor certification just to save a little time. Thanks!

Update: Also a link to the exercises to be completed in the form would be nice. For example “Module 1, Exercise 1: Git basics.” could have a handy link to “Module 1 Exercise 1: Git basics” so we applicants don’t have to google to find the exercises they need to complete.

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(Chris Cannon) #8

Thanks for the feedback @benjholla :sparkling_heart: I have edited @mozzadrella’s post to include a new step 1, do you think this will provide more clarity?

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(Ben Holland) #9

Looks good!

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(Paul Inventado) #10

Hello. Just checking on my application for Campus Advisor. It would be great to get updates on how the process is proceeding. Thanks!

(Chris Cannon) #11

Sorry for the delay @pinventado! You should have an email from me :smile:

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(Jayesh Bapu Ahire) #12

Actually official email id’s provided by our school are not functional as they haven’t renewed subscription or something so can you please tell me that how should I proceed in that case?

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(Paul Inventado) #13

No worries. Thank you for following up, Chris. I just set up my meeting. Have a great break!

(Paula Waite) #14

Hello @mozzadrella and @ccannon94. I just completed your excellent GitHub Campus Advisor training and would like to wrap things up with you guys. Please let me know the next steps!



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(Chris Cannon) #15

That’s great @pawaitemadisoncollege! I will review your application in the next few days and reach out with the next steps.

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(John Isaacs) #16

Hi @ccannon94 Just completed module 4 and added my comments. Great training and some bits of GitHub that even as a daily user I had forgotten about and some that I didn’t know existed in the first place. Also looking forward to getting my students interested in the campus expert programme! Anyway thanks for the great videos and training exercises, just checking what are next steps for certification?

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(Chris Cannon) #17

Hey @wildfireone! So glad you found the training useful! Make sure you have submitted the application linked in the topic above and I will get back to you in the next week regarding next steps!

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(Paula Waite) #18

Hi @ccannon94, just wondering if you have an estimate as to when I should expect to hear about finishing up the cert (interview/chat). Thanks much!

(Bgarnb) #19


I have finished the training and made the application for the certification some days ago. I am very excited about Github education :heart: and I will try to transmit my enthusiasm :astonished: to my students and colleagues.

I would like to ask you about my next steps and how long this review process will take?
Thank you very much @mozzadrella and @ccannon94

(Jared Rigby) #20

@mozzadrella and @ccannon94 I’ve just submitted my form and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for managing this course!