Community-based programming clubs

(Pete O'Shea) #1

Hi all,

My name is Pete and I work with the CoderDojo Foundation. FYI: CoderDojo is a global, volunteer movement of free coding clubs for kids 7-17.

I love the Educational kits that GitHub have created and have requested some for the community. I wanted to start a thread to hear about everyones thoughts and experiences with community based clubs that educate people both young and old!

I feel that these types of communities are a force that can change the world by giving everyone the opportunity to either learn or share their knowledge with others.


(Fernace) #2

Hi Pete.

I run something similar, teaching kids K-8th grade coding. There are not many of us here.


(Lynn Langit) #3

FREE resources - 80 code lessons w/teacher training materials (lesson plans and screencasts) at In #TKPJava, designed to be used for kids ages 10-17 and to be taught by middle or high school teachers.


Lynn Langit
Director TKP

(Pete O'Shea) #4

Hi Fern,

Awesome! What do you cover at the club?


(Pete O'Shea) #5

Thanks for sharing, we will have a look.


(Dav Tango) #6

Ya I don’t hear alot about kids programming at this early age in Edmonton, AB. Good start!