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Hi all,

My name is Pete and I work with the CoderDojo Foundation. FYI: CoderDojo is a global, volunteer movement of free coding clubs for kids 7-17.

I love the Educational kits that GitHub have created and have requested some for the community. I wanted to start a thread to hear about everyones thoughts and experiences with community based clubs that educate people both young and old!

I feel that these types of communities are a force that can change the world by giving everyone the opportunity to either learn or share their knowledge with others.



Hi Pete.

I run something similar, teaching kids K-8th grade coding. There are not many of us here.



FREE resources - 80 code lessons w/teacher training materials (lesson plans and screencasts) at In #TKPJava, designed to be used for kids ages 10-17 and to be taught by middle or high school teachers.


Lynn Langit
Director TKP


Hi Fern,

Awesome! What do you cover at the club?


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Thanks for sharing, we will have a look.


Ya I don’t hear alot about kids programming at this early age in Edmonton, AB. Good start!

Hi all!
My name is Erica and I started a programming club for women in my universit, to help women with first steps into terminal, console and git/github.
It is amazing to see young moms and later student woman like me discovering the IT world. The average age in the program is currently 36 years old.
We hope to grown up and offer the program to teens, too, and the undergraduate students will be the “teachers” for the girls.

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