Collect assignments from existing repositories?

My students have already been working on their assignments in private repos, which I would like them to ‘submit’ so the teachers (markers) can view them. Is it possible to do this in an efficient way?

I see that with GitHub classroom they have to accept an assignment and this creates a new repository. They could copy their existing files to this but would then lose their commit history.

What I currently do is ask them to add me and the other markers as collaborators. This works but seems a bit tedious/manual.

Any suggestions? Thanks! :slight_smile:

I’m curious. How is it that your students have private repos? Have they all requested student status when creating their accounts? So far, the only way I can easily see to get students a private repo right away if for me to create it in the organization and invite them to work on it.

We get them to request the “discount” as soon as they sign up:

The easiest would be to just have them change the remote associated with their local copy of the repository and then push into the new repository. That way they’ll keep all their history. They can then just delete the old repository on GitHub.

So instead of

git checkout

they would run

git remote set-url origin

Then the next git push will go to the new repository and the old one can be deleted.