Colab does not respect permissions when opening from GitHub

Hello Community,

I’m fairly new and have a question about GitHub and Colab integration. Half the time I store a Colab Jupyter notebook in GitHub, then click “Open in Colab” to open a notebook I own, Colab does not recognize that I have permissions to that notebook and makes me save a copy. This is extremely tedious and confusing for my students.

Since it does not seem to happen every single time I open a Colab notebook from GitHub, I am wondering if it could be some sort of session issue, but haven’t played around with it much.

Has anyone else run into this? If so, do you know how to solve it? This issue is reproducible by ~50 users.


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Not an answer, just noting that I too am interested in using Colab with GitHub Classroom.

Neither of the currently supported IDE options provide GPU access.

Students in my Deep Learning class this fall will be using Colab; whether they will also use GitHub Classroom depends on how well questions such as Nicole’s get answered.

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Hi Scott,
After talking to GitHub support, I’ve opened an issue about this on the Colab side. Here’s a link for reference: Colab Write Permissions Are Flaky When Opening A Colab File From GitHub · Issue #1879 · googlecolab/colabtools · GitHub. I’ll update this thread if I find anything out.

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