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Any suggestions for both coding and Git tools for my students learning remotely through chromebooks?

I teach Web Dev, programming, robotics, and micro-electronics (Arduino). Students are learning the front end tools (HTML, CSS, & JavaScript), Python 3, C (Arduino), and Java.

I am well aware of the tools like,, and others, but it’s the Git, Arduino, and file management in particular that I’m curious about.

Any suggestions?

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GitHub in combination of might work. Please keep in mind that Repl repos are public unless you have a hacker account, which is a paid. Students can get Repl hacker account through GitHub Student developer Pack ( at least it was a case in Spring 20) free for one year. Repl Classroom ( no need to use GitHub) might works as well. Repl Classroom used to be $5.00 per student per month. It might have changed. in , assignments are stored within a classroom, but Projects are not. As a result, I use Assignments but not projects.

Thanks. I’ll take a look, especially at the Repl hacker account suggestion as I would rather repos be private.

Anyone have students using Git on their chromebook via Termux? How about Caret?

I’m especially interested in anyone at the high school level as we most likely are dealing with more restrictive environments.

At the high school level, I definitely recommend to use Classroom with Assignments. I believe Repl.It is free for K-12. Check out the link below. That being said, I had my students create github account using the school email and then create/access repl using github account. This way a student can apply for github student developer pack.

Just because a student has a repl hacker plan, it does not mean the student will remember to make a repo private. I’ve been through that. :blush:

I’ve used this term. It is 100% in the browser. I’ve taken a very command line centric approach to it, but individual students don’t need to know many commands to use GitHub: clone, add, commit, push. I’ll never go back to code submissions via zip files or printouts. Codio’s not free, but my students are working with full fledged servers and Postgresql and Ruby on Rails, and Codio is great for this. definitely provides an experience that integrates more closely with git and file structures than I’ve seen with CodePen. Excited to learn about and looking into it more closely!

I’m liking what you’re all suggesting. Having no $ left in the budget, it looks like is out. looks promising. I like the code completion, especially for my new students who are more reticent working with code. I also like how you could import from a GitHub repo.

Unfortunately, VS Code has me spoiled. I know there are workarounds, but I am certain that with our District, they will frown upon Linux Apps feature and students putting them into developer mode.

I think that it all comes down to for me because my understanding is that will be supporting GitHub actions, and I plan on using them to automate the running of a Python package that will run an analysis on their projects.

Here’s a crazy thought: install the VNC viewer app on the chromebooks and install VNC servers on my machines at my school - we’ll see how that flies if I suggest it to my IT overlords.

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I will try repl lets see out it comes out to be. thanks for sharing

I did a little digging, and I found out that a neighboring school district has approved You can see that they have it approved at - you would still need to put in the search.

I’m guessing that our district may follow suit. is my environment of choice for coding and git with chromebooks, so I’m really hoping for this.

We’re also asking our district if we could do a virtual windows platform, so I’ll let you know what the end result of this is.

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