Code Review with Github

Any suggestions for having students do Code Review of programs submitted by their classmates?

Pull requests work great for student code review. When your students write code, they can easily invite their classmates to review their work on a pull request by mentioning the user name like this, @michaelfahy.

Here’s a short guide that shows the steps to make a pull request and get code review:


We run small group projects with pull request workflow where our instructors act as lead devs. Using pull requests, students have to have a passing/green build and adhere to coding conventions. This automation allows the staff to focus on the student’s approach to the code. The instructor will only merge the pull request once open issues on the branch are addressed.

Pull request workflow works extremely well because students can get line-by-line feedback on the delta of changes, which they find to be really valuable. Large features can get a bit unwieldy with the back and forth, but otherwise we find it to be a great way to get hands on with students.

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@dpickett I am curious to know how you handle merging?

Do you have different projects for different teams?

What we do is we have a single project repo from which students fork and submit pull requests.
We then review the code, but never merge (the scale doesn’t allow merging, and it wouldn’t make sense).

Hence I am curious to know how you run the projects as mentioned in your reply.