Cloning All Submissions without SSH


I’m newish to EVERYTHING… git, github, and classroom. My students access the former 2 through an ide (netbeans).

Anyways, I was ensuring classroom would work for my use-case (set up an assignment, then download ALL submissions at once to computer for grading).

I can’t quite believe that the Education interface doesn’t allow this by default, but I found a few scripts that offered a fix. After hours of trying to get them to work at my school, I twigged in to the fact that the school is very restrictive - no ssh, no ping, etc. I was able to get the scripts to work at home.

That of course is less than ideal. I was wondering if there were any solutions to accomplish this task, or if anyone had any news about whether it would be integrated into the web tool. I think it’s been floating around for at least a year.

Thanks for any insight.


If you do a Google search for “github clone all”, you’ll find a bunch of solutions. I built my own as have others here.

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Thanks Dan,

I did perform a search, which is how I came across the tools I tried, but the ones I found seemed to be premised on ssh which as I mentioned is blocked by the school board I work in. Haven’t tried yours though, so I’ll give it a shot tomorrow. Thanks!!

Hey Mike,

I might as well add my own solution, which is quite similar to that of Dan.
In addition to that you can also:

  • Go back to a version of the code prior to a specific date (in case of the projects that my students are developing, the due date)
  • Authenticate with Github username and password in order to also access the repositories that are private.

You can check it out here:

Any comments and feedback is welcome!

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Just wanted to follow up.

The moment I looked at Dan’s script, it was obvious it would work in our environment. I had to tweak it as we’re Windows and Python 3 which caused some script fails. Otherwise, all was good. Very excited to see Google Classroom coming together.

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