Classroom Permissions Model


Is there documentation anywhere that clearly sets out the permissions model around different roles (classroom and Github), repos and assignments in Github Classroom, who can see what, who can check in what to where, etc?

Eg I assume students doing same assignment on private individual repos can’t see other students’ repos, and that a moderator for a classroom can see all the private student repos.

Can the moderator (or group owner) check files in to student repos, eg correcting an assignment and checking it back in, or would the mod and a student have to be in a two person group assignment to do that?

How do permissions/visibility work across the group assignments?

Can moderators of one classroom be excluded from others etc?

Apols if this is common knowledge here or in docs elsewhere, (in which case I need to improve my info search skills!)


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Hi @psychemedia :wave:


  • individual assignments can be set to private so only you, the collaborators you invite, and the student will see it.
  • group assignments can be set to private so other groups cannot see them.

The getting started video has the info you’re looking for with regards to inviting collaborators (graders, TAs, moderators) and then setting permissions for students: