Classroom Discount stuck pending; class starts Monday; completely stuck

I created a master Org for my master materials and a second Org for my current class (ua-gist-415-spring-2019). However, when I applied for a classroom discount for my class org, I get an error that I already have a request pending and it does not let me proceed. The reason there is one pending is because I accidentally requested it for my personal account. Class starts Monday and since I’m running the entire class through GitHub we are all stuck. Any advice is appreciated.

One month ago I discovered that classroom discounts are now given on a personal basis, no longer referencing to a particular organization. This way, when your account is granted, as a faculty you’ll be entitled to upgrade any organization you own from the dashboard available at

With respect to the past with organization discounts, the process for personal faculty discounts takes a bit longer - roughly one week in my case - and this is reasonable since you can do much more, once granted.

My warm suggestion is to contact GitHub immediately and see what can be done. They’re usually super fast in responding.

At worst, you could think of starting the course without relying on private assignments for the very first days.

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