Classroom assignments getting stuck on creation

Hi all,

Today we’ve been running parallel git intro labs using separate Classrooms per class. In the afternoon we stumbled upon a few errors where students got stuck on the waiting screen for several minutes without response, all others had an average of a couple of seconds, so pretty perfect.

The repo’s that kicked each lab off had limited content, 1 folder and 2 files (.md) with guidelines for each lab in.

Is there some way for us to see where it went wrong, or bugged out? We’re eager to implement this across all modules in our programming program, this afternoon we were present in the classroom while the students worked on the labs so the problems have been solved pretty quickly. However when we’d send assignments via e-mail we probably won’t be able to do the intervention as quickly as today and that might annoy students wanting to get started on the assignment ofcourse.

Thanks in advance for any tips/guidance on this issue.