Classroom and Group assignments: Constant failures

Hi — Has anyone else been having a lot of trouble with GHC the last week?

We’ve had multiple instructors in multiple classes experiencing failures, where students can’t accept an assignment and/or get an error about permissions.

It seems mainly to be related to group assignments. One of my colleagues was able to workaround it temporarily by explicitly inviting each student to the GitHub org being used by the class. This isn’t very convenient to do in real-time (while teaching large classes remotely).

Any suggestions (or confirmations of this sort of problem) are appreciated!

I haven’t in my class, but we haven’t been doing group assignments. Are students creating groups with names that are very long or have special characters? That has caused trouble for me in the past.

One of my colleagues suggested the problem is due to limitations on the number of people who can join an organization in a day… This seems pretty plausible.

Confirmed…We’re hitting the “Adding members” limit regularly.

In case anyone else stumbles on this. I think using to upgrade the org was necessary.