Classroom and audit log

Some actions coming from classrooms are logged from the wrong user in the organization’s audit log.

For example, when a repository is created from an assignment link, it appears in the audit log as an action performed from one of the classroom admins.

It seems to be picking a random admin to log the action. The “Location” of the action also appears an “Unknown”.

Is there a way to view Classroom audit logs somewhere? Like Classroom.create or Classroom.rename?

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I believe the admin replacement is because the students are not “owners” or have certain permissions on the repositories, so it shows us as creating the repo for them, etc.

I believe it’s also why the students can’t see their membership of the GitHub Classroom organization from their home GitHub profile (even if set to view private repo contributions). It has something to do with their permissions.

However, I agree this is confusing…

I have other concerns / questions, that I’ve decided to add here instead of another thread…

What are people using to parse the Audit Log? Are you using local tools that parse the .csv or using the website? I ask because I am having trouble finding certain things…

For example my students have been good at commit, but some of them are failing miserably at the push part of Git. Most of them are using GitHub Desktop, so really its just a simple button press, nevertheless they don’t do it sometimes. Thus I often cannot grade their latest work. They get a 0 or lose points. Then they freak out and we have to retrain them to push.

Once their local commits are pushed to the server we can all see them of course (with the original commit date). However, I cannot find any evidence of their push occurring later. No evidence for a teacher that has deducted points is a very bad thing :frowning: If I don’t screenshot when I grade, the students now think that I did something wrong on my side… even though, they just didn’t push their changes in time…

I need help finding the exact push timestamp in the audit log. Can someone help me?
I’ve looked at this, but still having trouble…

I need help finding the exact push timestamp in the audit log. Can someone help me?

I have found that the push events at least show up in the dashboard of your profile. It is also filterable per organization. So that works! This seems like a much better solution than the Audit Log.

Looks like you can also get this through an RSS feed. Perhaps a good reader can filter the events however I wish, so I can find all push for a specific repo, or create for a specific class, etc.