Changing team members after creation

(Koen Yskout) #1

We’re planning to run a course project using GitHub Classroom for the first time. There will be a single assignment, and students will create teams through GitHub Classroom and get access to their (private) team repository that way.

However, experience shows that some of the teams will change a few times over the course of the year (new combinations, students continuing individually, etc.). As there is no interface for modifying teams in Classroom, I’d manually change the teams (and repository access, if necessary) directly in GitHub. That by itself is fine for me, but I’m wondering if/how that would interfere with Classroom? Any caveats? E.g., can someone that is ‘kicked out’ of a team still join a new team through Classroom, and get a new repository for that assignment? Or should I manually create a new repository for that student in the organization?

(Samuele Marafin1) #2

Sorry I’m new on this topics. Is it possible to have a clear GitHub Classroom and see a recordered course lecture?