Changelog for breaking changes on Classroom?

I noticed that recently (very recently) Classroom changed its behavior. Before, the template repositories were only cloned with the latest commit of all branches. Now, the whole repository is cloned. So my entire assignment is garbage because my students can see the solution…

How can I be noticed of what GitHub does behind the scenes and where there will be breaking changes?

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This was actually a regression, but we’ve since deployed a fix for the issue. Sorry for the confusion!

Regarding a Classroom changelog—what is your ideal way for consuming that information? Would you rather it be a passive form of communication (go to place x to see changes) or a more active notification (something you can access from within Classroom or perhaps with a notification)?

Actually, the best way would be to have access to the repository and see the pending PR and the opened issues.

Otherwise simply a version of Classroom visible on the home page can help. By clicking on this version number we can see what has changed. Using semantic versioning would allow me to detect potential breaking changes.

Thanks for the additional information!

We aren’t in a place to open source the Classroom repository again right now as we are utilizing a lot of internal infrastructure that would prevent us from doing that, but I agree that would be pretty easy and accessible though. :smile:

We are exploring an option for a changelog / versioned experience that you can keep an eye on for breaking changes, bug fixes, maintenance windows, feature ships, etc that would be linked from our docs site or right from the application itself. I’m glad to hear this would be helpful to you!