Change assignment after accepted merge

After a student has submitted her answer to an assignment and the teacher accepted this. Is it possible for the student to enhance her work and resubmit the new version?

The GitHub Classroom (GHC) dashboard is kept simple by design and offers a bunch of tools that are supposed to work in a specific context. For example, I’m afraid that it’s not possible to edit the deadline submission once it has passed (to be checked). Similarly, the PR that is launched from the GHC dashboard is unique and there’s no way to link further subsequent PR’s to the dashboard.

That said, GHC lies on top of GitHub, which is a professional platform per se allowing for lots of different workflows and methods. Certainly, after the submission, the student may open up a second PR asking the teacher to review it. This, essentially, will trigger the actors signaling that something else is taking place and works pretty well in the daily life of developers.

The downside is that these extended contributions won’t probably show up neatly on the GHC page.

Its kept so simple that I currently cannot create assignments and I don see any tools you mention.

It would be nice if a mature product was deployed instead of this nonsense.


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