Can't send the contact form for support


I need to add an old organization in our account and I can only add new one but not attach an old one. Since yesterday, I try to send a support request using the Support website but I always have the same message :

Looks like something went wrong!

We track these errors automatically. Please try again in a few minutes.

Can someone help me?

Thanks for your help.

:wave: Hi @KimOclock,

Are you still experiencing this issue? I am able to see and submit the form on my end.

If you are still unable to submit the support form, I would recommend clearing your cache or trying a different browser to see if you have the same results.


It’s still didn’t work whit the campus program submit form but I dit it with the contact form on the Github website. Normally, It’s has open a ticket.

Hi @KimOclock,

I have found your support ticket and routed it to the appropriate team.

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