Cant link unlink student with github account

Hello i have one classroom created from one organization.

I have created 3 assignments as test purposes.

I created a roaster for the classroom with the names and last names of my students. So their appear as i have to Link to Github account. But when i click in Link to github account, it only appears my name not my students ( perhaps because im the only admin of the organization ??).

In my organization i have 11 students as members, but i cant use this accounts to link to my roster. Don t know why…

What do i have to do to link my 11 members of organization to my classroom roster ?

Hi @ejgutierrez74,

If I’m correct you’re referencing to the creation of a roster via the Manage classroom button in GitHub Classrooms. So step 1 would be creating your roster.


Step 2 would be filling in the details to assemble a list that the students will see when following the link to the assignments.

Step 3 would be creating the Assignment

Then the link in the box should be given to your students, they should pick their own name from the list.
Doing so will link their GitHub account to their name in the classroom. You should not link these accounts yourself and you should not grant/add students manually into your organisation. This should all be done via the Classroom interface/roster management.

They should see something like this when following the link


Once a student has joined via this way the roster will show their connected GitHub account/handle.

Hope this clears out the issues you’re having?
If not of course feel free to reply again.

Thanks, this afternoon im gonna try with my students. I thought that once created the classroom you could create the roster and assign a name with a github account. And seems that the roster is applied in every different assignment, so every student has to indicate its name ( in the roster).

Now i have this:

That could be a feature, to create a roster with links to github account of every student. And this could be used in the different assingments of the organization ( associate and student name or whatever id to a github account). In the roster you could add more students ( if they incorporate to the course later) or delete ( students who left the course).


Hi @ejgutierrez74,

They will only need to link their account to their name the first time they join a specific classroom.
After that all assignments in this Classroom will automatically be assigned to their GitHub credentials.

Ok it worked more or less :wink:

Ive reported a known bug about some students 2 of 16 have get stuck migrating their repo…

In the roaster all the students have their account except this two students.

In theory in future assingments, their would have their name linked to their github account.