Can't change assignment from public to private

Hi everyone – I am using GitHub Classroom for setting and managing my class, but unfortunately can’t seem to create a New individual assignment that’s private – I get the message “Cannot make this private assignment, your limit of 0 repositories has been reached. You can request a larger plan for free at”. However, I already did this last week, and was approved. I’m concerned that the approval was for my github username (adw96) not for my class org (adwillis-teaching), but I don’t get asked which org I’m applying for with the form. Can anyone please help?! I’d be so grateful – they can currently see each other’s assignments!

Much obliged,


Hi AmyW,

This might help:
Upgrading your organization

Thanks so much for your help, but unfortunately the link in that post just takes me to “” where it shows me my approved requests. Unfortunately no “Upgrade your organization” option appears for me.

Thanks again for your help and please me know if you have any other ideas!

@adw96, I had to re-apply for my educational status after several months. It looks like this is a way this is set up.

I waited a week and now when I go to this link: I see my organizations and can upgrade them: