Can't access my Developer Pack


I signed up for the developer pack yesterday with the link provided by my trainer, all went well and I was able to register for my JetBrains license from there. However, I’ve tried to access the pack again today and I seem to be unable to access it, with the portal asking me if I am a student. If I do click this link I get returned to the homepage.

In the dropdown menu for my profile there is a link to reverify my academic affiliation, but when I click this it takes me to a page to verify as a teacher.

This is getting rather annoying as I need to be able to access the licenses provided for my course, does anyone have any idea for a solution? Trainer has already tried providing me with a new invite link but this didn’t help.


Try using this link to reverify :slight_smile:

Hmm, that 404s. Mind telling where you got it from and I’ll track it down! Thanks :slight_smile:

Hmm, it does. Maybe this works? Try copying this link and see if it works.