Cannot "skip" LMS to add students

When I try to add students, Classroom recognizes that I have an LMS (Blackboard), but I have not yet been able to connect BB & Classroom together to access my Blackboard roster. I want to be able to add students INDEPENDENTLY, but clicking on “skip” backs out of the “ADD” operation.
How can I either: continue to a one-off add or tell Classroom I do not want to use the LMS?

Once you get to the “connect to LMS system page”, I use the skip there, it is below the five boxes. I do not believe BB has been integrated yet with classroom at this time. The system then goes to the next page where I can manually enter in students or upload a csv file. You can also go back to the student tab at anytime and update your roster once the classroom is setup.

The latest version of blackboard SAYS it is LMS compliant. Classroom SAYS “It looks like you are connected to your learning management system” but when I try to import students, I have to give BB my security keys and BB seems to have no way to get them. So I then try to “SKIP” this step, so I can manually add the students, but skipping just takes me back to my classroom.

How can I skip the “skip” and get to manual add? (Meanwhile, I have asked our BB support for help on getting LMS to work.)

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From classroom, when I try to go to other LMS given blackboard is not listed I see the following message:

That being said - I totally now see the problem you are having - to get to the message above I had to tell the new classroom that I was indeed going to use an LMS system (I usually bypass it and select skip on the first LMS screen) and now that
I have told classroom about LMS I can’t get to point to add students manually.

My suggestion is create a new classroom, skip at LMS at the start and you will get to add students manually. I just tested and it still works.


Thanks Michael,

I took you r advice and was able to add the students. Now I have to find out how to copy all the assignment repos from the old classroom.

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