Cannot see classroom, neither its assignments

My github user account is member of 2 classrooms but in the VS Code, it’s only showing one assigment from one classroom (without its title label) and for the second classroom I don’t see nothing. Attached the screenshot.

I’ve validated that I’m subscribed as student. I’m also having the admin role, not sure if that could be the reason, I’m the professor, so I want to perform some tests and also some initial tutorials for my students.

Screenshot from 2022-01-11 19-04-21

Hey! Are you signed into VS Code with the same identity as your GitHub account? Do you have two GitHub accounts by any chance?

I’d be happy to troubleshoot with you if this doesn’t resolve the issue.

Hi @fubaduba, thanks for the help.

Yes, I’m signed with the same account. But, there’s something, the primary email I use in my github account is different than the one I set in my classroom’s roster. I tried editing the email in the Classroom roster, then unsign in VS Code and sign-in again and same results.

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