Cannot search users or repositories

(Robert Muller) #1

Hello. Noob here. I created an organization BC-CSCI3366 so that I could create a Classroom. Apparently all is well. I then created a repository in BC-CSCI3366 with starter material for the assignment. When I then created a New Assignment in the classroom and tried to add the starter code from the BC-CSCI3366, I received an error message:

Search: The listed users and repositories cannot be searched either because the resources do not exist or you do not have permission to view them.

(Scott Sanicki) #2

Hi Robert,

Are you searching using owner/repository? That should return what you’re looking for.

So rather than searching only repository_name, search BC-CSCI3366/respository_name.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.


(Robert Muller) #3

Hi Scott. Thank you for following up. I think it’s working now; I was
searching for repositories using the string BC-CSCI3366 rather than
@BC-CSCI3366; when I changed it, I was able to find the repositories. I
would like to point out though that after finding it, your site posts a
message to the effect “There are no repositories”. I now understand that
this means that no students have cloned and shared repos with the owners
yet. But at the time I was attempting it, I interpreted that message to
mean that I still wasn’t able to find the repo at all in @BC-CSCI3366.

I’m really optimistic about this site, I hope that it goes well. If it
does, all of the people at BC will start using it.
Bob Muller

(Scott Sanicki) #4

Hi Bob,

Glad you were able to find what you needed. Can you open an issue explaining the confusing search results, maybe with a screenshot of the message, here:

That’s the best way to ensure it gets corrected.


(Robert Muller) #5

Thanks. Will do. - bob