Cannot apply for Student Developer Pack

Our students CANNOT apply for the pack. Whenever they choose Code Academy (their school name) from the dropdown list, or they select the school domain email ending with, they see this message and the continue button gets disabled:

I am the administrator however I dont know how I should apply the correct benefits.

Can anyone help with the problem?

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It may be Domain issue, Github system maybe accept Education(.edu) domains only.

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Hello Vugar,

I’ve also experienced this, and it required contacting the Github Education Support team to resolve it. For my situation, it was caused by an internal Github bug. My domain also does not end in .edu, but I am not sure that the domain was the specific issue.

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Thank you for the reply.

I have talked to the github support and it turned out that the pack is given automatically by API which is generated from the school administrator (me). GitHub shared with me school id, secret key and API documentation.
In the API request url we are adding student ID, school ID and the secret key, and API returns the signature link for each student.
Then we send the URL to the added student and they complete the process by clicking the invite link in given URL.

The link for the documenation is here:

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