Can you use github classroom to make materials available to students (instead of to the whole world)? )

I am teaching a few coding classes for which I’d like to make materials available to students, most notably a collection of Jupyter notebooks listing examples of code. GitHub is an excellent way of giving students access to Jupyter notebooks as it renders them so they can view them simply by browsing to the repo.

Now, preferably, I would like to make these materials only accessible to the students in my classroom or organization. I am all for sharing with the world, but this also comes at a risk. For example, if unintentionally some details about the students would slip into these materials.

Therefore, I was wondering:

Is it possible to have (a repository of) materials associated with a classroom/organization that are accessible only to the members of said classroom/organization?

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:wave: Hi @dvanderelst! Yes, this is totally possible, but you would have to manage access restrictions manually for each student within an organization. But of course that is not 100% as students could always clone or copy the information and share it publicly.

Remember, as a educator with GitHub Education benefits you can create private repositories within an organization following these instructions:

Simply visit your GitHub Education benefits page at

Organizations you own will be listed near the bottom of the page:

Click the Upgrade button next to the organization name to immediately upgrade it for free to GitHub Team.