Can new organisations be automatically granted education privileges?

Hi. I just setup a new organisation to test out GitHub classroom and collecting students’ assignments as private repositories. But…

I have to request the ‘discount’ so I can have free private repos.
I already have several organisations with this discount, so I would like to suggest you could make it automatic that ‘confirmed’ academics/teachers get the discount on new repositories that they request it for.

Could that be possible?

Right now I have to wait for approval before I can try it out with students…
The message “You should be getting an email from us in a few weeks.” is a bit daunting.
Thank you!

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Hi Lindsay. Welcome.

We’re continuing to improve the application process, and are moving in the direction you propose. We appreciate your patience in the meantime. Application review typically only takes a few days. We caution that it may take up to two weeks in peak periods (like around the start of a new semester) to encourage teachers and students to apply early. If you’re running behind and need immediate assistance you may always follow up with us directly at

I’ve taken the liberty of approving the two pending applications for you that I saw. If there are others, please contact us.


As we prepare to create new branches of the school and departments I would really appreciate some sort of pre-approval as well. I’ve since deleted the new organization I requested last week and decided to manage it under the single organization currently. I have been particularly influenced by Gitter as well that automatically makes any member of a given organization an admin for all repos/rooms created by that organization. Getting a free gitter chat room per organization is just so easy to setup, but fundamentally depends on organization members as admins. (Gitter still has other challenges, for example, you cannot remove posts by others even if they are your students, so we’ve had to reconsider Gitter at the moment.) Eventually having GitHub team with a chat/messaging/collaboration service would just be ideal. For the moment we will continue with our invite only Slack channel.


I hate to necromance an old thread, but I think this would really be helpful to avoid issues such as those I have just experienced. Although I am certain that I submitted three requests for new organizations for the three classes I am giving this next semester, two of them were completely lost somehow and the answer I get from support is basically “submit it again”. Support went so far as to tell me that the only organization they have wasn’t there.

I am not submitting those again for many reasons, the main one is that it will not be ready in the timeframe I want.

My current alternatives are either nuke all existing repositories from the organizations from previous semester or move to Bitbucket. The former keeps my current workflow while probably making some former students unhappy, while the later seems to have better CI but requires some extra work in my tutorials. I will have a decision today, as lectures start next week and I will be out of office next Monday and Tuesday.

Fix this if you don’t want to lose other teachers on such a small issue in the future.

@pilla Manager of Teacher Programs here. Looked into the requests, and seems all of your requests were cleared and approved. Do you have any outstanding requests that are missing? is my :email:.

We hope to have a more automated situation in the future. Thank you for this feedback.

The problem here is that two requests got somehow lost between me sending and you receiving. I say they were sent, your support said they don’t exist. The one that didn’t get lost was already processed.

@mozzadrella just a heads up: you don’t need to worry about my specific problem anymore, as I decided to try Bitbucket for this semester. I have already removed the new organizations that I will not use anymore. I kept the others as to avoid removing the repositories for students.

Best of luck.