Can instructors access students' use of issue tracker and kanban boards?

Part of my assessment of student work involves looking at their programming process: frequency and regularity of code check-ins and their use of Kanban boards and issue tracking to organize and track their work.

Can students link the GitHub project tools (Kanban board, issue tracker) to their repo for an individual assignment in GitHub classroom, so that the instructor can view their project’s Kanban board and issue tracker? I don’t want just the history of their check-ins; I want to see their use of the project tools as well.

Thanks in advance!

GitHub Issues and Projects (where Kanban boards can be created) are linked to a single project. Therefore, if you use GitHub Classroom to distribute assignments, where you have full access to your student’s repositories, you will also have full access to the issue tracker, project boards, and Insights. Hope this helps!