Can I start the time periods in the Student Developer Pack whenever I want?

Hi there!
I’m Michael, a german student and I would like to know if i can start the one month/year/… free periods in the Student Developer Pack whenever I have enough time to use them or if they are started as soon as i get access to the pack? And can I get the Pack again if I gratuate but then attend another school?

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You can start using the offers at any time, within the two years you are a member of the program.

If you reapply in the future, you will get access to the pack, but you will not get an additional allocation of the offers that are included.

Anything that’s available “while you’re a student” will be renewed and you will have access to any of the other, unused, offers.


How to start to use it
how to get coupon or something to start to use it

read the support documentatin of the offer which you like. it is very easly