Can High School Students be Campus Advisors?

I have looked though the GitHub advisors page, but cannot seem to find any information on whether High School students can be Campus Advisors. I know there is an 18 year age requirement for being a Campus Expert, but no age requirement is listed for advisors. I wish to become a Campus Advisor so that I can teach my club at school, how to use GitHub to collaborate.

Hello @pErs0nZ,

I think the age restriction also apply for the campus advisors title, but the most restrictive part is you have to

be a verified teacher or be the point of contact from a partner school

(see this post : Completed the training? Apply for certification here ).

But if you want to learn how to use Github, don’t focus on the age limit, just learn what you want to learn and don’t pass the final step of the certification now. You can always teach that way and improve yourself until you will have 18 and pass either certification. I think the Campus Expert is more useful for student because the course teach you other skills that can be beneficient for clubs and jobs like communication and leadership :slight_smile: .