Campus Advisors Program for Teachers only?

(Gattal abderrraouf) #1

I wanted to know if I am as an active event organizer and both workshops and conferences animator, eligible to pass the program knowing that I still a student.
Or the program is literally for teachers only.


(Chris Cannon) #2

Thanks for your interest @Gattalraouf! The Campus Advisors program is designed for those who work in a permanent basis as a teacher/instructor/professor. For students like us who are active organizers and are seeking resources to improve our workshops and events, GitHub has the excellent Campus Experts program! This program is specifically designed for students, and you can learn more about it here.

(Gattal abderrraouf) #3

Thanks for the fast reply @ccannon94, I’ve already submitted my training and waiting for the review in GCE program.
In that case I’ll try to inform some of our instructors to participate in the program!!!